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Best Shilajit For Pets & Animals | Dogs, Cats, Horses & More

Did you know that in addition to being used for humans, Shilajit also produces powerful benefits for pets? Shilajit is a resin collected from the Himalayan mountains and has been used for thousands of years for its many health benefits.

It is most commonly used for joint support, immune support, and reproductive support — but it can offer much more!

Shilajit is a completely natural and organic compound. As mentioned, it has been used by many cultures for centuries. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, it is known as the “strength of life” because of its ability to improve energy, stamina, and vitality.

Many veterinarians and pet owners have also discovered that Shilajit has a wide range of benefits for pets. Dogs and cats can benefit from Shilajit just as humans can!

While studies on Shilajit and pets are limited, we’ve included some information in this article and also our Shilajit recommendation for your furry friends.

Shilajit is a natural and organic resin-like supplement typically extracted from the Himalayan mountains. It has been used for centuries to heal a variety of human ailments but also has been shown to have beneficial effects on animals.

The supplement boosts the animal’s immune system, energy levels, and helps the body self-regulate, amongst other benefits. Liquid drops of Shilajit are the recommended form for your furry friends – always be sure to follow dosage limits! 

Best Shilajit For Pets – Our Recommendation

Pure Himalayan Shilajit Pet Supplement

Our Top Pick
Pure Himalayan Shilajit - Pet Supplement for Dogs, Cats and Horses
  • Natural trace minerals & fulvic acid liquid drops for your animal companion
  • Harvested in Himalayan Mountain Range at 16,000 feet altitude
  • Contain most of the essential trace minerals, organic acids and plant alkaloids, great for nutritional deficiency
  • Each package comes with dosage instructions and a dropper for easy use (just add it to food or water)

The Pure Himalayan Shilajit Pet Supplement is a liquid form of Shilajit for your furry friends. Here are some details:

This product is more expensive than its powder form, but is of the highest quality and is easier to use. If you’re still experimenting with whether Shilajit is something that might benefit your pets, this is a great product for you to try! Each package comes with dosage instructions and a dropper for easy use (just add it to food or water).

How Shilajit Helps With Animals

Shilajit is an excellent immune booster and energy booster for pets. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial actions strengthen the immune system and fight off bacterial and viral infections.

It provides a natural source of energy for pets — helping them to get the exercise they need. Shilajit is also known to improve digestion, toxin elimination, and overall health and vitality.

Overall, it can help pets be more comfortable and healthy in their golden years — its adaptogenic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and energy-boosting actions can help rejuvenate pets and keep them on their feet.

For some animals, Shilajit has been shown to be a useful treatment for cancer — it can reduce the size of tumors and increase their remission rate. Cancer is a serious disease, and though it is rare, it is certainly a possibility in older pets.

Shilajit may have anti-aging properties that can help delay the onset of the signs of aging. But as always, consult with your veterinarian to check with your pet’s health first to see if Shilajit is appropriate.

Shilajit may also be helpful for other age-related diseases such as osteoarthritis, heart disease, and neurological diseases.

Is Shilajit Good For Animals?

Yes, it is.

It is one of the best remedies for pets, especially for the elderly and for pets suffering from chronic or acute health issues. Shilajit helps with the body’s self-regulatory functions, promotes healing, and provides energy.

It can also help improve the quality of life for pets with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Shilajit helps boost the immune system, a vital factor for prolonging life for those with chronic diseases.

Despite the lack of scientific studies on Shilajit and animals, there’s quite a bit of anecdotal evidence demonstrating the benefits of Shilajit in animals. Much of the research on Shilajit so far has been looked at in relation to humans. That said, some studies have discussed Shilajit’s effects on the health of animals as well.

Veterinarians have been using Shilajit for years — both orally and topically — for a variety of ailments.

Animals You Can Give Shilajit To

Shilajit is safe for dogs, cats, birds, horses, pigs, and other animals. Shilajit is also appropriate for wild animals such as gazelles, deer, and other hoofed animals.

It is safe for animals of all ages — even newborns and pregnant mothers. It’s not toxic or poisonous. It is also safe for long-term use, as there are no negative side effects.


The benefits of Shilajit for dogs are similar to those for humans — Shilajit can increase stamina, vitality, and longevity. Shilajit works as a tonic and adaptogen, providing numerous health benefits.

Shilajit can also work as a hormone balancer, helping to regulate dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine is a hormone that alleviates anxiety. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps to improve mood.


The benefits of Shilajit for cats include detoxification and healing. It’s helpful for constipation, diarrhea, and joint pain. Also, it can help to prevent arthritis and other diseases of the joints.


Shilajit is beneficial for birds — particularly finches. It can improve their life span and disease resistance. It is also used to nourish and strengthen the kidneys of newborns. It can also reduce inflammation, which is helpful for birds with psittacosis and psittacosis.


Shilajit is safe to give to horses of all ages. It can help to improve mobility and increase stamina. Shilajit also helps to improve liver and kidney health, treat digestive problems, and maintain immunity. It can provide added benefits during recovery from injuries.

Other Animals

Shilajit is beneficial for a number of other animals that are less likely to be pets. We’ll end the list here, but if you’re curious about another animal, spend some time researching before using Shilajit as a supplement for it!

How Much Shilajit Should You Give Your Pet?

Shilajit is a great natural supplement for animals, but it’s important to pay attention to the dosage! Here are recommendations for different pets:


It’s best to give 1-2 drops of each dose (morning and evening) to your dog. Larger dogs may need to take more, but always follow your vet’s instructions for optimal dosage.


The dose for cats is similar. 1-2 drops per dose, 2-3 times a day. Dosage will vary based on weight, so pay attention to the Shilajit manufacturer’s guidance.


Shilajit is safe for birds, but you should still be careful with your dosage if you decide to use it. It’s generally recommended to give your bird 1 drop per 50 grams of body weight per dose.


The amounts that you give horses will vary based on their weight and what sort of issues they are trying to address. Talk to an equine vet to determine the amount that you should give to your horse.

Keep in mind – doses for dogs, cats, and birds are generally quite small. You may be surprised at how little Shilajit it takes for your pet!