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Best Shilajit Resin of 2024: Buying Guide & Reviews

In this article, you are going to learn about the best shilajit resin on the market today from various brands.

You probably already know what shilajit is but if you don’t here is a quick summary.

Shilajit resin is a sticky goop primarily found in the Himalayan ranges, however other mountain ranges in places such as Australia, Afghanistan, Russia, and Tibet also produce Shilajit.

It has a rich history and has been used by locals as Ayurveda or alternative medicine for centuries.

It’s supposed to do a whole range of things from boosting energy levels, improving heart health, increasing testosterone, and increasing blood iron levels.

Okay, now let’s get into it!

ImageProduct TitleFeaturesPrice
Best Quality
Authentic Shilajit

Authentic Shilajit

  • HIGHEST GOLD GRADE Authentic Shilajit provided in it's purified RESIN form. A
  • LAB TESTED FOR SAFETY by USA, third party, FDA registered, cGMP certified, independent laboratory.
  • 100% PURE, traditionally purified Himalayan shilajit.
  • WE PERSONALLY SOURCE, select and oversee purification in the Himalayas. We never deal with middle men.
  • WILD CRAFTED from pristine and remote regions at altitudes above 16,000 feet.
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Best Budget Option
Pure Himalayan Shilajit, Soft Resin

Pure Himalayan Shilajit, Soft Resin

  • Freshly harvested Himalayan Shilajit at 16,000 feet altitude
  • Authentic - extracted according to centuries-old ayurvedic formulation with natural Triphala and Aloe Vera flavored spring water
  • Outstanding purity and potency, top quality product,
  • 8 out of 10 buyers feels the effect after the first use
  • Comes in a glass container with a measuring spoon and instructions, Analyzed for safety by 3rd party US laboratory
Get 15% OFF
Best Taste
Golden Mountains Shilajit

Golden Mountains Shilajit

  • "Golden Mountains" Shilajit resin is manufactured in Altai, Siberia using proprietary technology and high quality standards to ensure the best possible purification and highest safety standards
  • "Golden Mountains" Shilajit resin is independent 3rd party US Lab tested. In addition to that, Quality & Safety manufacturer lab certificate - report inside each package provided.
  • "Golden Mountains" Shilajit resin is packed in environmentally friendly glass. Measuring spoon included in each box
  • “Golden Mountains” Shilajit is concentrated, not diluted (not a liquid substance), relatively hard concentrated resin - premium source of valuable organic herbal / plant derived elements.
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Best Value
Natural Shilajit Resin

Natural Shilajit Resin

  • 100% Pure Grade A Shilajit Resin (also known as gold grade, elevation over 14000 feet)
  • Lab Tested For Safety by USA Third Party, cGMP Certified, Independent Laboratory.
  • Contains Over 72 Fulvic Humic Trace Minerals, Trace Vitamins, 18 Amino Acids.
  • Regulate and Supercharge The Immune System, Balance Cell Life.
  • Produce Energy, Stimulate Metabolism, Protect Against Unnatural Oxidation.
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1. Authentic Shilajit – Lotus Blooming Herbs

Lotus Blooming Herbs says that they source their Shilajit straight from the Himalayas.

This means that they have full control over the quality of their end product.

The little tub contains 10 gm of Shilajit resin, making it one of the smallest jars of Shilajit resin you can purchase on this list.



Full Review

2. Pure Himalayan Shilajit Soft Resin

This brand of Shilajit resin is a soft resin.

According to Pure Himalayan, soft resins are made by not concentrating the Shilajit so it stays a more fluid consistency.

This Shilajit resin was made from Himalayan Shilajit harvested at 16,000 feet high.

This Shilajit resin is available in 5 gm, making it the smallest amount of Shilajit resin you can purchase on this list. 



Full Review

3. Natural Shilajit

Natural Shilajit says that their Shilajit resin is gold grade, the highest grade of Shilajit.

They publicly share the lab analysis of their Shilajit resin’s contents so you can be assured of what you’re buying. It lists the exact amount of heavy metals detected in their Shilajit resin.



Full Review

4. Pürblack

Pürblack is a US-based company that produces Shilajit resin. They have patented their method of making their Shilajit resins. 

There are two variations, Pürblack Live Resin and Pürblack Immunity Max. Both products have trace amounts of colloidal silver and gold, but Pürblack Immunity Max has added silver.

Pürblack claims that ingesting both gold and silver has many health benefits.



5. Altay Mummiyo

Mummiyo, moomie, and mumie are alternative words for Shilajit.

Altay Mummiyo boasts that it uses only traditional methods using fresh spring water to process its product.

They claim that this method is the best way to extract the nutrients and minerals from the raw Shilajit.

This Shilajit resin is supposedly 100% pure and harvested straight from Siberian Altai Mountains.



6. Chuga

Chuga makes a big emphasis on being all-natural and eco-friendly. Their product is supposedly ethically harvested from 16,000 feet up the Himalayan mountain ranges. Chuga has lab-tested their Shilajit resin.



7. Pure Himalayan Shilajit (Mumio Resin)

Don’t be misled by the brand name, Pure Himalayan’s Mumio resin is sourced from Siberian mountain ranges.

This Shilajit is harvested at lower altitudes (14,000 feet) which makes it more affordable compared to other resins. Pure Himalayan says that this Shilajit resin has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory.



8. Siberian Treasure

This Shilajit resin, as the brand name Siberian Treasure implies, is harvested from the Altai mountain range in Siberia.

Siberian Treasure boasts that this is pure 100% Shilajit resin, free from any additives and preservatives. The raw Shilajit is harvested at 3,000 to 5000 feet altitude.



9. Best Shilajit Ever – Pure Indian Foods

Pure Indian Foods’ resin is simply called Best Shilajit Ever™, a bold claim to make for a sizable jar.

Pure Indian Food says they chose to put their product in a large jar so that their customers will have an easier time reading the label.

The jars are only a third full. This product is made in India but packaged in the US.

This Shilajit resin has supposedly been lab tested for heavy metals and passes US federal and state standards of safety. 



10. Black Lotus Shilajit Resin

This Shilajit resin is sourced from the Altai mountains of Siberia.

While many people prefer Himalayan-sourced Shilajit resin, according to Black Lotus Shilajit, the Altai mountains should produce Shilajit with more mineral content because those mountains are 250 million older than the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Black Lotus Shilajit has had its Shilajit resin tested by a 3rd party laboratory in the US. 



11. Sayan Pure Authentic Altai Shilajit

Sayan Pure Authentic Altai Shilajit is harvested by hand in the Siberian mountains at altitudes of 12,000 feet and higher.

Sayan uses mountain water to process their Shilajit resin and the heating procedure doesn’t go over 60° C. Their Shilajit resin has been tested by a 3rd party laboratory in the US.



12. Natural Roads Himalayan Resin

Natural Roads Himalayan Resin boasts that it uses only the highest quality gold grade Shilajit harvested from the Himalayan mountain ranges at altitudes of 16,000 feet.

They claim that it’s been tested by a laboratory in the US. This is a small amount of Shilajit resin, coming up to only 10 gm. 



13. Golden Shilajit Fresh Resin

Golden Shilajit Fresh Resin boldly claims that it is one of the best Shilajit resins in the world. It is unique in its use of the sun to gently dry the purified Shilajit extract instead of other methods of heating.

It is a certified quality by the standards of the Banned Substances Control Group or BSCG.

This seal of approval means that “testing has been conducted to verify label claims and check for contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, or microbiological agents.”



14. Golden Mountains – Pure Authentic Siberian Altai

Golden Mountains assures its customers that their Shilajit resin is an environmentally responsible choice/ Purchasing a jar of Golden Mountain Shilajit resin helps support the Altaisky Biosphere Natural Preserve, one of the sites where Golden Mountain sources its Shilajit from.

It has been lab-tested by a Russian laboratory for heavy metal content and a US laboratory for fulvic acid content.



15. Paramika Siberian Shilajit Resin

Paramika Siberian Shilajit resin promises that their Shilajit is top quality and 100% pure.

This Shilajit resin is harvested from the Altai mountains. Paramika promises that their purifying method is high-quality so as to provide you with the best possible product.



16. Mountainlife Shilajit Resin

Mountainlife Shilajit is harvested from the Altai mountains of Siberia.

They claim that with their Shilajit resin, you can hack your body and “upgrade yourself at a cellular level.”

The mighty Mountainlife Shilajit resin comes in a miniature amount at 10 gm, the second smallest amount you can purchase on our list. 



Buying Guide – What To Look For When Buying Shilajit Resin

What Is Shilajit Resin?

Shilajit is plant matter, likely white clover and sullu spurge, that has decomposed centuries ago and got compressed by the weight of the mountain.

The raw dust is processed to remove components that can’t be consumed. The resulting product is a black goo called Shilajit resin due to its thick, resin-like consistency. 

Different Grades of Shilajit Resin

Not all Shilajit is made equal. There are 5 grades of Shilajit Resin.

1. Gold or Red Grade

This Shilajit was extracted from red or gold-colored rocks. This is the highest quality of Shilajit available and is used in Rasayan or rejuvenation. Generally gold grade Shilajit is found at extremely high altitudes in the Himalayan mountain ranges, but it is possible to find it in other mountains.

2. Silver or Grey Grade

Grey Shilajit is primarily used for imbalances in the Majja Dhatu or nervous system.

3. Iron or Black Grade

This one is mainly found in Nepal and Bhutan. This grade is used for imbalances in Meda Dhatu or fat.

4. Copper or Brown Grade

Brown Shilajit is used to correct imbalances in the liver.

5. 5th Grade

The 5th grade of Shilajit is fake Shilajit derived from animal feces. 


It’s impossible to test the quality of your Shilajit resin. The only way to know if your product is gold or copper grade is if you see the rock it was extracted from before it was refined.

All Shilajit powders become black, smelly tar-looking blob after processing. Ultimately it’s up to you to determine if the Shilajit resin you’re consuming is particularly effective or not.

Fortunately, we can test for purity.

Pure Shilajit resin will:

Remember, even the lowest quality Shilajit resin can still pass these purity tests if they are 100% pure.


Shilajit resin isn’t FDA-regulated yet, and there are still studies being conducted on the exact medicinal effects of this ancient form of medicine.

However, according to anecdotal evidence, there are many benefits to using Shilajit resin. 

Treats Acute Mountain Sickness

Traditional Ayurveda medicinal practitioners typically recommend Shilajit to their patients to alleviate the symptoms of altitude sickness.

The sudden change in pressure at high altitudes, such as the places where Shilajit is found, causes sickness in some people who are unused to climbing such great heights.

Besides the pressure changes, the lack of oxygen also contributes to a person’s altitude sickness.

Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, weakness, pins and needles, shortness of breath, and swelling of extremities such as your feet, face, and hands. 

A study published in the International Journal of Ayurveda Research recommends that properly processed Shilajit resin should be used to treat various ailments including AMS or Acute Mountain Sickness.

Aids Brain Function

Many people claim that Shilajit boosts their ability to focus and helps them with their work.

There are certain compounds in Shilajit resin that could boost brain functions and potentially even benefit people with Alzheimer’s.

In fact, there is a study in the International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease that suggests that Shilajit resin could be a viable treatment for those with Alzheimer’s.

It seems like more studies will be done to explore this idea.

Fights Anemia

More than 3 million Americans suffer from anemia.

It’s a blood disorder where your blood cells don’t function properly or you don’t have enough red blood cells. It’s usually caused by iron deficiency.

Shilajit resin has high amounts of iron and humic acid, which will help individuals who have anemia. 

Slows Aging

Aging is an inevitable aspect of life, but by staying active, caring for your body, and giving it the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, you will keep you looking and feeling young.

One of the things that contribute to aging is free radicals that cause damage to your body’s cells.

What combats free radicals? Antioxidants. And Shilajit resin is full of it.

Specifically, it is full of fulvic acid, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. 

Antiviral Properties

A study done at the University of Torino suggests that Shilajit resin can combat certain viruses such as herpes in controlled laboratory conditions.

This study recommends more research be done to test its effectiveness on viruses in living test subjects.

This means that these scientists see merit in the idea of using Shilajit resin to treat viral infections.

Fights Chronic Fatigue

One of the most popular reasons why people turn to Shilajit resin is its supposed energy-boosting properties. It’s the first effect consumers look for when they’re trying out new brands. 

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a study conducted on rats. They induced fatigue in the lab rats and administered controlled doses of Shilajit.

The results of their tests showed that Shilajit not only made the rats less tired and more active, but they also noted that the rats’ anxiety levels went down. 

Combats Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths globally, costing us 700,000 lives every year.

Cancer is an insidious disease in which regular cells proliferate out of control and refuse to die.

These cells can become destructive by invading organs and tissue they don’t belong to and begin disrupting normal bodily functions. 

A study published by Springer Nature showed that processed Shilajit had the potential in slowing down the proliferation of liver cancer cells as well as inducing apoptosis or cell death.

This means that their tests resulted in Shilajit combating liver cancer.

Improves Heart Health

In America alone, 659,000 people die from heart disease per year. Before Covid-19, it was consistently the leading cause of death in the US. Obesity increases your chances of getting fatal heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Traditional medicine practitioners and Shilajit fans all claim that Shilajit resin can lower high blood pressure and improve heart health. What does science say?

A study published by Springer Science+Business Media New York showed that Shilajit could protect your heart tissue from damage caused by heart attacks.

The study had 3 groups of rats, one dosed with no Shilajit, one dosed with 250 mg of Shilajit, and a group dosed with 500 mg.

The groups were further divided into two, one left alone and another exposed to heart damage. The Shilajit they used was from Austria.

The results showed that the groups that received Shilajit had healthier heart muscle fibers after the experiment.

The rats that received higher doses had the healthiest hearts of those who had induced heart damage. 

Helps Fights Obesity

Obesity is a complicated disease that can affect every aspect of a person’s life.

It can cause chronic fatigue, increase your chances of dying of heart complications, and increase your chances of getting diabetes among other things.

Many people suffering from obesity report difficulty in getting healthy and losing excess weight.

Shilajit resin is supposed to give you an energy boost, and this will help combat the chronic lethargy that can come with obesity.

This additional energy can help people with obesity exercise and become more active. However, doing exercise while carrying excess body weight can strain the body’s bones.

A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food shows that their test subjects exercised better when they were given 250 mg of Shilajit capsules compared to the test subjects who didn’t take the capsules.

Researchers also took note that Shilajit seemed to activate genes in their test subjects’ bodies that strengthened their skeletal muscles, meaning they experienced less physical stress compared to the control subjects.

Increase Testosterone in Men

A decrease in testosterone usually happens to men in the latter stages of their life, but it can affect young men too.

Testosterone deficiency symptoms include a lack of energy, decreased libido or sex drive, decreased strength, weaker erections, loss of height, a gloomier mood, poorer performance at sports, and deterioration in work performance.

A study published in Andrologia concludes that Shilajit effectively increased testosterone in their participants.

Men aged between 45 to 55 volunteered for the study. 75 participants completed the double-blind study. Half were given a placebo, the other half were given 250 mg of Shilajit for 90 days.

At the end of the study, the researchers found that the participants taking 250 mg of Shilajit had a significant increase in their levels of testosterone. 

The recommended dosage is a pea-sized amount at a maximum of 3 times a day. People usually dissolve a dose into a glass of warm water.

You can also mix it with hot flavored drinks like milk or tea, or add it to soups to mask the flavor.

It is not recommended for children and people who are pregnant and breastfeeding to take Shilajit resin.


The journey of Shilajit from plant matter to its resin-like form starts centuries in the past.

Researchers hypothesize that Shilajit is primarily made up of white clover and sullu spurge plants that die and proceed to decompose with the aid of moss and bacteria under immense pressure in the mountains.

After a few hundred years, the plant matter is transformed into a mineral-dense, humic and fulvic acid-rich substance that will ooze out of the rock face of the mountain during warm weather. 

It is first mechanically extracted by breaking the Shilajit-rich rocks apart to expose as much surface area as possible.

The rock chunks are then “washed” in water to extract the precious Shilajit. This is possible because Shilajit is water-soluble. This will result in a black mixture.

The resulting liquid is then filtered multiple times, first to get rid of the remaining rock debris, then to filter out harmful heavy metals.

Finally, it is heated to kill any bacteria and mold as well as to evaporate excess water.

This step concentrates the Shilajit liquid into the thick, resin-like form that most Shilajit consumers recognize. 


If you’re looking to buy Shilajit resin, you are spoiled for choice. There’s a wide range of product variety across multiple brands.

The problem you have will be figuring out which one will provide you with an authentic product that is also the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

You will have to do your own research. Even after you do your homework and read all there is to read, taking in supplements like these is still a risk.

Some people are simply more compatible with certain substances.

Healthy Nutrition Group LLC, the distributors of Natural Shilajit, also markets Shilajit in other forms. Their company values are: superb quality, responsibly sourced, and customer satisfaction. The FDA once sent a letter to Healthy Nutrition Group LLC, advising them to take down claims on their website that their Shilajit products could treat ailments cancer, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure and kidney stones.

Lotus Blooming Herbs was born because their founder Johann Helf was offered Himalayan Shilajit by a Yogi. After this first taste, he experienced a boost of energy and focus, he became obsessed. Johann Helf says he created Lotus Blooming Herbs so that he could provide his customers and himself “Authentic Shilajit™.”

Adaptive Energy LLC, the company that manufactures Pürblack Shilajit resin, is based in Wyoming. The Pürblack arm exclusively deals in distributing Shilajit resin. This was founded by Nodari Rizun, a well-learned man who has degrees in business, law, and economics. He is the one who patented Pürblack’s method of making Shilajit resin. Adaptive Energy LLC received a warning letter from the FDA after their Pürblack website claimed that Pürblack Shilajit resin could aid in fighting addiction. 

Chuga was founded by Patrick Baals, whose personal experience with the energy-boosting and healing properties of Shilajit resin. After having such a positive reaction to Shilajit resin, he sought out people in India and Nepal so that he could get access to Himalayan mountain ranges, where he believes is the best Shilajit can be found. This company launched in 2020, so it’s still young, but there seems to be plenty of passion in the team behind it.

Siberian Treasure prides itself in how their products are derived from the richness of nature. They don’t sell just Shilajit resin. They sell all sorts of health food and superfoods.

Pure Indian Foods was founded by husband and wife Sandeep and Nalini Agarwal. They took their business from India to the United States in 2008. They primarily sell ghee, a clarified butter that’s a staple in Indian cuisine. The business began in 1889, when their great-great-grandfather Lala Khoobram Agarwal started selling ghee. Sandeep and Nalini have since expanded their catalog to include spices, health food, and Shilajit.

Black Lotus Shilajit LLC is a small team based in Florida. This company was established in July 2019. Their values are integrity, quality, and purity. 

Sayan was founded by Dr. David Vartanian in 2007 because he wanted to bring products derived from the Siberian Chaga Mushroom to the US. Although Sayan’s main focus is still chaga-related products, they’ve also expanded into teas, bath products, gum, and Shilajit products.

Natural Roads began when the founders spoke to a devoted Shilajit resin who recommended they try it for a month. They experienced a boost in mental clarity and energy. They began on a journey searching for quality Shilajit resin. When the current Shilajit resin disappointed them, they decided to make the product that they wanted.

Golden Shilajit is a company that is dedicated to promoting Shilajit resin and its reported health benefits. Their vision is to expand their business so they can reach more customers and spread the word about Shilajit resin. 


The prices on the Shilajit resin market vary wildly, even within the same product amounts.

Generally, a jar of Shilajit resin can set you back a minimum of $35 not including shipping fees. The prices can rocket up as high as $100-$500, still excluding shipping.

It all depends on where the company sources its Shilajit, how they process it, how they have it tested, how often they have it tested, what accessories are included, the amount they’re selling, and a whole host of other variables.

You will have to do your own research to find the resin that gives you the most value for your money.


Shilajit resin, if done right, should be pure. This means there are no additives to make it keep for longer. It is up to you to make your jar last.

You can do this by making sure your container has an air-tight seal and keeping it away from direct sunlight.

The best place to store it to maximize its longevity is the refrigerator. This will make your Shilajit resin last between 2-3 years after opening.

For some people, this may not be ideal because some Shilajit resins are hard enough to get out of the jar at room temperature.

In those cases, keep it in a cool and dark area like a medicine cabinet or drawer. 

Where to buy

One of the hardest parts about being a Shilajit resin enthusiast is finding a reputable source. Buying from Amazon is always an option, but to get the best shilajit you probably want to go direct to the website.

Find companies that have been acknowledged by a third-party organization. 

Side Effects

Shilajit is unregulated and as such there are many unknowns with this product. Here are a few of its reported side effects. 

Some of these side effects are a result of poor quality products or simple incompatibility.

Some Shilajit resin users have reported that the negative side effects pass eventually, leaving them with nothing but positive effects.

Others find that the symptoms persist and discontinue use.

The best way to ensure that you have a good experience with Shilajit resin is to consult a doctor and to get your product straight from a reputable source.

People who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid taking supplements like Shilajit resin. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Shilajit Resin Expire?

Yes, Shilajit resin does expire. The exact shelf life will vary depending on the product, but in general Shilajit resin should be good for consumption within 3 years of its manufacturing date.

How To Use/Take Shilajit Resin

Shilajit resin is taken orally. Some people can tolerate the flavor and take it sublingually or by dissolving it under their tongue. Others prefer to dissolve it in a warm drink like tea, milk, smoothies, and water.

Is Shilajit Resin Safe?

Shilajit resin is as safe as any non-FDA regulated supplement– its safety depends on the manufacturer. There are counterfeit and poorly processed products out there on the market.

Best Time To Take Shilajit Resin

The best time to take Shilajit resin is in the morning so you can take full advantage of the energy boost it provides. You can also drink it 30 minutes to an hour before you start working or working out.

How Much Resin Should I Take?

The recommended dose is a pea-sized amount, which is about 250 gm to 500 gm, up to 3 times a day. Some companies include a measuring spoon with their Shilajit resin, but you can use the tip of a butter knife or small spoon and eyeball the dosage. 

How Long Does Shilajit Resin Last In My System?

This is difficult to judge because everyone has different bodies and metabolisms, and not all Shilajit resins are made with the same concentration.
Combine this with how difficult it is to get the exact same amount of Shilajit resin with each dosing due to how sticky and tar-like it is, it is hard to say.

How Long Does Shilajit Resin Take To Work?

It will depend again on your body and metabolism. Most people report getting the full benefits within 2 weeks of regular use. For some people it takes longer.