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How Long Does It Take For Shilajit To Work?

by Jason | Last Updated: November 21, 2021

It has become more important than ever for people to take care of their health, especially as they grow older.

As you age, you are likely going to have to deal with a number of issues that may prevent you from being active or engaging in the various activities that you once did without any issues.

For some, Shilajit provides the boost that you need to be able to stay active and continue doing the things that you enjoy.

This is a natural supplement that is able to help with anxiety and stress as well as increase the amount of energy that you have.

As you take it, it can assist with promoting your overall health as well as helping you to be able to boost your libido and improve your rest.

Simply put, Shilajit is a supplement that may be able to help you to sleep better and feel better when you wake up each day.

In terms of how long it takes for shilajit to start working, it is going to be different with each person but people have reported a number of different experiences in this regard with some saying that they saw a positive change in a just a few days, while others have said that it took about a month or two.

Determining this for yourself does depend on a few factors, which we will dive into below.

Shilajit is offered in a variety of forms and potencies. It is important to consider the purity of your supplement and the form in which it is consumed when thinking about how quickly its effects will be observed.

That said, it is typically accepted that with the regular consumption of Shilajit, its benefits will commonly be noticed in between two weeks and two months. This range varies from person to person, but most will begin to be impacted by Shilajit at some point within this timeline.

How Long Does It Take To Get Benefits From Shilajit?

Generally, Shilajit takes on the order of weeks before you start to notice any effects. The results also differ depending on the type/form of Shilajit that you take, because there are different grades of this substance that range from the lowest quality to the highest potency.

It is typically recommended that you give it at least a few weeks before you can judge whether or not it is working. Some people do say that they see an effect instantly, but that is not necessarily the norm.

The dosage and frequency of your Shilajit consumption may also play a role in the timeline of its effects. The typical dose range seems to be between 375mg and 1500mg on a daily basis.

Again, the higher the dose you take, the quicker you’ll notice the effects if they do occur.

Be sure to consult a medical professional regarding the dose and frequency of your Shilajit consumption, as these may vary for each individual, and also depend on the form of the substance.

Does Shilajit Work Instantly?

While some people report feeling immediate effects of Shilajit, majority of users do not feel an instant impact.

It is generally accepted that the effects of Shilajit take anywhere between two weeks to two months of consistent consumption before they are noticed, so be patient with yourself!

Do your best to build Shilajit into your routine, and before you know it you’ll be reaping the benefits. 

Those who report effects in the first days of consumption typically boast about an improved quality of sleep.

For changes in stress levels, libido, and other significant feelings, Shilajit tends to take a bit longer to kick in. 

What Is The Best Form For Fastest Results?

The biggest factors between the different forms of Shilajit that impact your body/mind feeling the effects are purity and potency.

Typically, Shilajit in the resin, powder, and liquid forms are the most natural and highest quality and have the fastest effects.

These also tend to be more expensive forms, especially in high potencies. The combination of quality and purity in these forms allow them to be absorbed by the body, and have the quickest effects. 

That said, there are also Shilajit brands offering high quality tablets/capsules that are comparable to the more natural forms.

In the end, the quality of the source that you’re getting Shilajit from is more important than the form itself.

Look out for high purity and potency offerings if you’re okay with spending the extra money.

Should You Take Shilajit Every Day?

Most people recommend daily consumption of Shilajit, as long as your dosage does not exceed the specified range.

Incorporating a daily dose of Shilajit with allow for your body to more quickly adopt the effects of the supplement, and to feel its effects in a sustained manner.

You can adjust dosages and frequency of consumption for yourself, but consistency in taking Shilajit is critical to experiencing its benefits.